Dear guests, we inform you that during all of the season of 2022 an extensive reconstruction is taking place of the buildings surrounding the chateau.
We thank you for your understanding.

Guided Tours

Walk through the rooms where history was written. Discover the story of the Kinský family and get to know its important figures throughout history. In addition to the standard tours, we also offer special tours in costume. In the castle park you can take your children on a journey full of fairy tales.

Historical tour

The indoor exposition informs visitors of the history of the Kinský family and its connection to horse breeding of Kinský horses. The new exhibition explains the everyday life of an aristocratic family. The castle park is open all year round.

70 min. | full admission 150 CZK

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Tour for children

A curious maid, a grieving cook, or perhaps the Count himself? Let yourself be surprised who will take you through the castle rooms and reveal many interesting facts about life at the castle. A costume-guided tour will take you to the music lounge, kitchen and children’s room.

30 min. | family admission 200 CZK

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Program for schools

We offer educational programs suitable for kindergartens and primary schools. Experience first-hand how were the young nobles educated, walk the fairytale trail in the castle park or enjoy tours with an engaging explanation.

40-80 min. | various activities

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A unique place for your unique moment. The castle complex offers a number of romantic and representative spaces, halls and chambers, where you can say „I do“ to your beloved, hold a gala reception or a magnificent wedding party. The chapel in the immediate vicinity of the castle is opened to Roman Catholic marriages

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Corporate events

Take advantage of the unique atmosphere in Karlova Koruna castle and bring it to your corporate events, private celebrations or parties. We are professionals and will help you organize the events according to your ideas

Column Hall

The Column Hall is located on the ground floor of the Karlova Koruna Castle. It is a circular hall with direct access to the castle exhibition consisting of 6 surrounding lounges. The capacity of the hall is max. 150 people (standing).

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Marble hall

The Marble hall is the largest area of the castle. Entry is possible from an outdoor terrace by a wide staircase or by an internal spiral staircase. From the hall there is an entrance to the surrounding lounges and to the upper gallery. Max. capacity 300 people.

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Castle park and orangery

The English-style park with rare solitary trees offers many opportunities for events. The atmosphere is completed by the presence of roaming peacocks. Possibility to rent a reconstructed winter garden for receptions or cocktails (max. 50 people).

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Café Orangerie

Treat yourself to a delicious Italian coffee and a piece of homemade dessert in our café with a view of Karlova Koruna Castle. We look forward to seeing you from April to October.

Café Orangerie

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History and present of the castle

Historical connection between Chlumec nad Cidlinou and the Kinský family

15th to 17th century

The first written mention of an aristocratic residence in Chlumec nad Cidlinou comes from the year 1424. At the time there was a fortress surrounded by a moat close to where today´s town square is. At the beginning of the 16th century, the building received a new fortification in accordance with Renaissance trends. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the fortress, together with the entire estate, became the property of the Kinský family, for the support provided by Václav Vchynský of Vchynice to Emperor Matyáš in his fight against his brother Rudolf II. Thanks to deft politics, Václav maintained the estate even during the Thirty Years’ War. After the Thirty Years’ War, the Kinský family sought to rebuild the ruined city and chateau, initiating repairs and granting the city privileges.

18th century

When the estate was inherited by František Ferdinand Kinský, he began to think about a new building that would express the status of the family. Architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel and builder František Maxmilián Kaňka were chosen for this project. The construction took place in the years 1721-1723. In honor of the visit and coronation as King of Bohemia of Emperor Charles VI Habsburg, the new chateau was given the name Karlova Koruna (Charles Crown). The castle bears typical elements of Santini’s individuality and genius. He attached three single-story wings with a square floor plan to the two-tiered central cylinder. The perfect central composition is also evident from the location of the castle in the landscape.

19th century to the present day

The lack of space in the castle led to the construction of new buildings in its vicinity – the Theresian Tract and the Lichtenstein Tract. At the beginning of the 19th century, the builder Koch built an Empire-style winter garden. The Kinský family held the property until 1948, when the castle was nationalized following the Communist takeover. In 1992, the property was returned to the Kinský family and the family was able to start again developing their historical property. A unique exhibition was created, which deals with the history of Kinský and the tradition of horse breeding.