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The castle "Karlova Koruna" (Charles's Crown) is one of the foremost Baroque castles in the Czech Republic and its plans were drawn by Jan Santini Aichel, one of the main baroque architects of Italian origin. Built in 1721-1723 as the summer-seat of Count Frantisek Ferdinand Kinsky in honor of the coronation of Emperor Charles VI. King of Bohemia, it later took the name “Charles Crown” to commemorate the emperor’s visit to the castle.

The building has a unique ground-plan which is of the royal crown. It consists of a cylindrical core with three wings each of three rooms with square floors. The ground floor has a round central hall and the rooms which it opens on to are dedicated to family exhibition. The many paintings of horses on display are a reflection this family’s long-lasting passion for horse-breeding.

The second floor, which can be reached by a monumental external staircase, has a magnificent round ballroom which leads to further rooms housing the collection of family and horse paintings. Facing the castle are two buildings formerly inhabited by the family and one which was used as a covered riding hall for training horses.

The Castle is surrounded by a 40-acre park with rare specimens, an example of a French/English baroque garden and there is an orangerie in the southern part. A chapel, dedicated to St. Ann, stands next to the Chateau.




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